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Our Everyday Musette is modern and classic combined. We took the origins of a cyclist’s musette and reimagined it into a functional lifestyle piece. Made from water-resistant 100% nylon fabric, this versatile dual-sided sling bag can be used both on and off the bike. On the bike, enhanced water-resistant properties, a buttoned closure and hidden exterior pockets allow for wet-weather riding and quick access to various items. An adjustable main body strap also caters to users of different heights. Drawing inspiration from photographers on-the-go, we decided to increase overall functionality of the musette by adding the option of a third adjustable stabilizer strap to prevent sliding and swinging while riding. Off-bike, our Everyday Musette serves as a fashion-forward lifestyle bag with a choice to remove this stabilizer strap. Suited for travel days, commuting days, coffee rides, weekend shopping days, brunch meetups and much more!



Fabric & Function:

  • Water-resistant 100% Nylon
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Dual-sided usage with dual colourways per musette
  • Adjustable main body strap and third stabilizer strap
  • Buttoned closure for easier access to items on-the-move
  • Hidden exterior pockets
  • Made in China

35cm L x 28.5cm H x 4cm W


Pre-treat any stains on your musette. Best hand-washed with gentle soap. Rinse well with cool water and air dry after. Do not tumble-dry, soak or subject to softeners to protect hardware and prevent discolouration.

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